About Abolitionist Radio

Abolitionist Radio was founded in 2013 by the heart and generosity of radio station owner Lee Lancaster of KYMS, 89.9 FM in Rathdrum, Idaho.  Lee and his partners own Legacy Broadcasting, which owns and operates KYMS.  KYMS has a broadcast range that extends into the nearby cities of Sandpoint, Coeur D'Alene, and Post Falls, Idaho and Spokane, Washington.  Lee has a heart for the pre-born and approached a local abolitionist society when they had a booth at the North Idaho Fair in Coeur D'Alene.  Lee proposed the show and offered the expertise and airtime.  Abolitionist Radio broadcasts weekly on KYMS on Sundays at 5 PM.

Abolish Human Abortion North Idaho, a local abolitionist society of the wider grassroots movement of Abolish Human Abortion provides the content of Abolitionist Radio.

About Abolish Human Abortion

When great evils arise in the course of human history and become legally sanctioned, socially normalized, and morally justified, the Spirit of God working within his Body and Bride will move people to stand up and speak out against them.

In the nineteenth century, abolitionists embarked on a moral crusade to end human slavery. In order to sow the seed of abolition, they initiated an aggressive propaganda campaign designed to agitate the public, create an urgency for moral discussion, and recruit people to their cause.

They believed slavery was the evil of their age, and their intention was to put it on trial.

The centerpiece of their approach was the printed word. They widely distributed their literature, hung abolitionist posters, held meetings, and hosted debates. They were intent on awakening the apathetic, arousing the disinterested, and informing the ignorant. They “scattered tracts like raindrops, over the land.” They knew that their fellow human beings were created in the image of Almighty God, the ruthless desecration of that image was a great national sin, and the Gospel of Jesus, born into human flesh, dead on a cross, risen from the dead, was the answer.

They were in earnest to end slavery. We are in earnest to end abortion.

Following in the footsteps of former abolitionist movements, we aim to end one of the greatest human miseries and moral evils to ever be entrenched in our world. To this end we seek to encourage informed, rigorous, and consistent thought and action in response to the rampant occurrence of abortion within our community. We seek to instigate discussion centered on whether or not the legally sanctioned system of human abortion-on-demand is just (and we think it is not…), to inspire pro-life individuals to become more assertive and actively involved in the adherence to and expression of a way of life that is truly in favor of life.

Bringing about a Clash of Absolutes

Abolitionists embrace a certain bold posture in the face of evil and utterly reject the widely accepted, largely ignored, or complacently permitted injustices that most people choose to ignore. Abolitionists make a point of bringing darkness out into the light of day, or rather, of shining light in the darkness that is already there.

We seek to contrast two visions of reality and morality and demonstrate how one vision, the Christian view, centered on God, leads to the Humane and dignified treatment of human beings, while the other view, centered on man, leads to the inhumane and undignified treatment of human beings.

We strive to provoke a clash of absolutes between the Gospel of Christ and the worldly wisdom of man. The goal of all abolitionist movements is the redemption of man from the dominion of man. At the root of all abolitionist movements you will find the presence and power of two interrelated propositions. The first is that human beings are created in the image of God and created to reflect that image. The second is that the Creator Himself became a man in order to rescue mankind from self-destruction, death, and eternal separation from God, from himself, and from his own kind.

As a society we are a gospel centered. This is a gospel driven movement. We are committed to an unfettered, untainted, uncompromising adherence to the Good news that Jesus Christ is Lord of heaven and earth and stepped down into space-time-history to redeem a lost, wandering, and wicked people from sin, certain death, and eternal separation from God. We are abolitionists because we have been adopted by God. Our work is biblically mandated and sovereignly ordained. We are called to be salt and light in a darkened, and defiled world; we are commanded to care for the fatherless and bring justice to the oppressed and preyed-upon. We have been exhorted to expose deeds of darkness, and destroy all speculations raised up against the knowledge of God. We are exhorted to rescue the weak from death, snatch the falling from flames, and hold back the stumbling from the slaughter.

What drives abolitionism is a desire to do justice, love mercy, and walk humbly with our God (Micah 6:8). We seek to bring justice to the fatherless and help to the helpless (Isaiah 1: 16-17). Our desire is to consistently practice what the New Testament calls pure and undefiled religion: to look after the orphaned and widows in their affliction, and to keep ourselves unstained by the world (James 1:27).